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Actualizado el 2 dic 2015

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I applied directly to AppDirect, HR call then Technical phone call. after a day I got lengthy homework in particular technology, I submitted that and now invite for Onsite interview. I have to admit that AppDirect office has best view of SF. Apart from that, All questions were technical and I did pretty well. but I felt humiliated by one Asian Interviewer who has no idea about my experience and started asking me stupid questions like Do you know object? nice. Do you know Class and such things. For one of my correct answer, he keeps telling me to correct it because its not right for him, But I was so RIGHT so I tried to explain him. I definitely do not want to work with this kind of people in any circumstances. None of the interviewer was aware of homework I submitted because homework reviewer is different than Interviewers which doesn’t make any sense. I wasted good amount of time here

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  • Questions related to REST API, UI Automation, Selenium, JAVA, SQL
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