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Me postulé a través de un reclutador. El proceso tomó 1 semana. Acudí a una entrevista en AppDirect (San Francisco, CA) en feb 2013


I received an e-mail from a recruiter. Things were cordial initially, but it was obvious she was a bit inexperienced. She later sent me a follow-up e-mail asking me to come down for an interview, at no time asking me what times might work for me. Instead, everything was set according to their schedule. Oh, the hubris of the young! Not surprisingly, there were a number of changes to the interview line-up at the last minute. I was interviewed separately by a designer, a developer, and an engineer. I enjoyed all three of the people that I met with, but the coding exam was a bit strange. There was a pre-fabricated test around object-oriented techniques in Javascript. It would have been fine, but it was done under observation, which was highly annoying. Though I was initially told that I did well, in my follow-up meeting the recruiters face told another story. She sent me home rather abruptly, mentioning they would have to "marinate over it". I immediately knew my fate, confirmed later by a similarly abrupt e-mail. I wish they hadn't wasted my time. A more thorough pre-screening process would have helped all of us avoid wasted time and lost revenue.

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  • If you were taking a colleague's design, didn't like it, and felt it needed improvement, how would you handle the situation?
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