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Actualizado el Apr 8, 2018

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Me postulé en línea. El proceso tomó 4 semanas. Acudí a una entrevista en AppDirect (San Francisco, CA) en Feb 2018


Received a call from Recruiter(AppDirect has external recruiters) that a manger was really interested in speaking to me after having a look of my background. Call 1 - 30 mins on call with the recruiter Call 2 : 1 hours Technical call from one of senior members on this team. Onsite 1 : Roughly 3 hrs onsite with 5 members on the team including two managers who I would have be working in the future Call 3 - Another 30 mins with recruiter briefing about the final Onsite 2 (This time, it includes CTO and the CEO of the company along with the 2 managers whom I interviewed earlier) Onsite 2 - Similar interview with both the managers who I spoke with during Onsite 1. Here comes the twist...Second round was now rescheduled with VP instead of CTO. This guy came from "acquisition" background and kept asking/challenging the methodologies and approach of the place where I work currently. I clearly explained this is beyond my level and I cannot move mountains in an Enterprise. Final round was cancelled since CEO had "sudden" meeting Few days, I received a decline. Pretty disappointing with how much time I spent overall including two onsite for which I had take off and commute for 2.5 hrs each time. I clearly showed my disappointment to the recruiter and shared my feedback that if single guy can "Veto" the entire decision, he should be brought in much earlier instead of wasting time. Overall, it is a SHAME this company doesn't respect the time of others.

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  • Standard Unix questions and scenarios. Lot of theoretical behavior questions which I am not fan of
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