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Holmdel, NJ (Estados Unidos)
De 201 a 500 empleados
Empresa - privada
Software y hardware de computadora
De $2000 a $5000 millones (ARS) por año


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    Empleado actual - Marketing en Holmdel, NJ (Estados Unidos)
    Empleado actual - Marketing en Holmdel, NJ (Estados Unidos)
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    I really enjoy the flexibility that WorkWave offers and the benefits are great compared to any other company I have worked for. The environment in the office is nice - low drama and everyone helps each other and is respectful to one another. My favorite part is the creative freedom I experience. At WorkWave I can grow my skill set and exercise creativity. My ideas and contributions are always welcome and that makes me feel like my work matters for the success of the company - as well as establishes trust.


    Not many at all. I really do not have any complaints - I enjoy coming to work and it is my favorite company that I have worked for so far in my career. If I had to say anything - it would cross-team communication, but that is pretty normal when a company grows to be a certain size.

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Foto de WorkWave de Our awesome staff at our European Headquarters
Foto de WorkWave de Some of our Talent team enjoying the 2016 company picnic!
Foto de WorkWave de Some of our WorkWave engineer team enjoying the 2016 Company picnic!
Foto de WorkWave de Beach Clean Up
Foto de WorkWave de 2016 WorkWave Company Picnic
Foto de WorkWave de 2015 WorkWave Picnic
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Cómo obtuviste una entrevista





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    Candidato de entrevista anónimo en Holmdel, NJ (Estados Unidos)
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    Me postulé en línea. El proceso me llevó 2 semanas. Acudí a una entrevista en WorkWave (Holmdel, NJ (Estados Unidos)).


    Although the people were nice and explained the role well, their in-person interviewing style is a bit off-putting. They stare at their laptops the entire time you answer their questions, taking notes. It seems like they're more interested in collecting data points and reviewing their own notes later on than actually focusing on you and what type of person you are. It's a bit robotic and doesn't make you feel human. I've never received such little eye contact in an interview, ever. But hey if it works for them, that's fine.

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    • If this building was filled with oranges how would you get them into a truck and get those oranges to a different location. (asked in a condescending tone)   1 respuesta
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  • Best Places to Work in New Jersey, NJBiz, 2011
  • Best Places to Work NJ, NJ Biz, 2011
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