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Londres, Inglaterra (Reino Unido)
De 1001 a 5000 empleados
Empresa - privada
Procesamiento de transacciones financieras
Desconocido/no corresponde


People on every continent are choosing TransferWise to help them live, travel and work internationally. We’re the fairest, easiest way to manage your money across borders.

Built by and for people who live global lives, we make sending money abroad ... Leer más

Misión: Money without borders - instant, convenient, transparent and eventually free. We’re powering money for people and businesses in their increasingly global lives - to pay, to get paid, to spend, in any currency, wherever you are, whatever you’re doing.

Evaluaciones de TransferWise

  • "Friendly, inspiring atmosphere, smooth onboarding and training, flexibility"

    • Equilibrio entre trabajo y vida personal
    • Cultura y valores
    • Oportunidades laborales
    • Remuneración y prestaciones
    • Dirección
    Empleado actual - Customer Support Associate en Budapest (Hungría)
    Empleado actual - Customer Support Associate en Budapest (Hungría)
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    Great workplace to use and develop language skills, meet people from all around the world and work for a nice company that provides a nice service for nice customers.


    Occasional early or night shifts might not suit everybody.

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Entrevistas en TransferWise



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Cómo obtuviste una entrevista





    Entrevista para Vendor Operations Specialist

    Candidato de entrevista anónimo
    Sin oferta
    Experiencia negativa
    Entrevista fácil


    Me postulé en línea. El proceso me llevó Más de 2 meses. Acudí a una entrevista en TransferWise.


    I applied online and received an initial interview request from a recruiter. I initially interviewed with two would be co-workers and on the following week I received a "We were impressed with your initial interview and are excited to move forward with the interview process" message. Then, an interview with would be manager was scheduled. It went well and positive feedback was provided. Or so I thought. Interviews felt very general and informal. In the end, the reason why I was rejected was never even mentioned on the job description or referred to during the interviews, especially because it wouldn't have been on my resume. In the end, it was a disappointing hiring process and it felt like a waste of time. During the final interview, I got told the entire decision was up to the hiring manager alone and it seemed to disregard initial feedback. Underlying biases likely played a role on the decision and a let's find something wrong with this candidate that we haven't even spoke about or mentioned on the job description likely took place. As interviews are still very general and the hiring decision is up to one individual, they are not really looking for the best candidate, but one that looks like they do. For example, management/senior roles within the company tend to share the founders nationality, how diverse is that? TransferWise portrays itself to be a global company with messages such as money without borders, but we don't want to work with you if you don't look like us? Regardless if you share our company culture and values? Customer service roles are seen to be lower level within this company and are the only ones with a specific salary figure on the job description. TransferWise pays considerably below market rates although it offers great benefits. Based on my overall experience and research, I do not recommend as a future employer as it appears that this company portrays a public image that does not match their own reality.

    Preguntas de entrevistas

    • Why TransferWise?
      Why is this role for you?
      Tell us about a time a project went wrong, what did you learn from it and what would you have done differently looking back now?
      Why should we hire you and why shouldn't we?
      What motivates you?
      If you were hired we would be a small team, how do you feel about that?
      You know that you can answer 1000 customers and fully resolve their concerns or 500 customers that you know you don't have enough to fully resolve their matters. Which ones would you start and why?
      Where do you see yourself in 3 years?
      Several situational questions involving a mix of background and role assignments.   Responder pregunta
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Premios y reconocimientos de TransferWise

  • Best European Start Up, The Europas Awards, 2013
  • Boldness in Business(Boldest Smaller Company), Financial Times, 2014
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