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Tucson, AZ (Estados Unidos)
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SterlingFreeman Managing Director Michael Sterling
Michael Sterling
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    "Michael Sterling Still Owes Me Money. I cannot reach him. Don't use him for anything."

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    Empleado actual - Recruiter
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    Great Team. Great Clients. Great Industry. Used to be a wonderful place to work. Not sure how intentional some/all of this was. It may have been an accident. Like a really big happy accident


    I have been receiving late paychecks on and off for the last year and I am still owed money.

    How much? I'm not sure. His math and my math did not match. And he won't respond about why it does or does not. Either I do not have the correct contact information for the Managing Director or he is ignoring me. While I would like to assume that he's ignoring me...none of this can be confirmed.

    Clients have reached out to me to say that they have not heard from him and that they would like their refundable deposit back. I've sent them everything I know in regards to his whereabouts; but I don't know much more than them.

    A client has informed me that they can no longer work with our organization because of a letter they received from the IRS that instructs them to be paid first. I have not seen the letter, but I do trust my client.

    A colleague has informed me that Michael has requested a loan from them.

    I was never formally let go or fired. Just sent inaccurate pay stubs that did not match any of the amounts received.

    While some coworkers and clients have heard from him, I have not. Not sure how he picks and chooses who to respond to, but it's definitely not me.

    Recomendaciones para la dirección

    Communicate with clients and staff.
    Provide accurate documentation.
    It's possible that abandoning your team on a Friday morning before the busiest time of the year...was not the best exit strategy.
    Stop making promises that you know are false.

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