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  • Charlotte, NC
  • De 1 a 50 empleados
  • 1864
  • Empresa - privada
  • Tiendas departamentales, ropa y calzado
  • De $50 a $100 millones (USD)


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Rob Harris
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  1. Entrevista para CEMS MiM International Applicant

    Empleado anónimo en Róterdam
    Sin oferta
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    Me postulé en línea. El proceso tomó 2 meses. Acudí a una entrevista en RSM Co. (Róterdam) en Mar 2018


    Two sections on the same day. First completed the Assessment section where i had the opportunity to choose between two topics of relating to current events. In my case i could choose between driverless technology trend in the car industry and the rise of Bitcoin. After 20 minutes of preparation i had to give a 5 min presentation to a panel. (notice it is not enough time to research the topic so you should have prepared by reading current events on a daily fashion). After delivery of presentation there are questions by the panel. Be prepared to answer tricky follow up questions. The section lasts about 7 minutes of presentation 8 minutes of questions and some last 5 minutes of feedback. Second section is much more straight forward, with two members of the admissions faculty at RSM. It lasts about 20 min and is based on your run of the mill interview selection questions and the STAR behavioral method.

    1. Tell me a little about yourself 2. Why RSM? 3. Why do you want to pursue the RSM IM CEMS program? Why CEMS? 4. Why do you want to go to the exchange destinations of your choice? 5. What is your greatest achievement? Behavioral STAR Questions 1. Tell us about a time where you took the initiative, (exercised leadership) what did you learn from it? 2. Tell us about a time where you where result oriented, (goal driven), what did you learn from it? 3. Tell us about a time where you where you displayed strong interpersonal skills, what did you learn from it? 4. Tell us about a time where you worked in a group, where a team player, what did you learn from it?

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