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Estamos costruyendo una compañía en la que personas de diferentes orígenes, con diversos puntos de vista y experiencias puedan dar lo mejor de si y ayudarse mutuamente. Un lugar en el que todos los Googlers se sientan como en casa. Cada una de nuestras oficinas tiene su ...
Misión: Nuestra misión es organizar la información del mundo y hacer que sea útil y accesible para todos.

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In 2021, we vowed to restore and enhance the monarch butterfly habitat across California – and we’re well on our way! With over 35 projects on our campuses, we’ve seen a strong increase in eggs, caterpillars, and butterflies. Read about the recently endangered species and the Bayview campus in Mt. View, CA!

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    Postulación en línea47%
    Recomendación de empleado20%

    1. Entrevista para Software Engineer

      Empleado anónimo en Auburndale, FL
      Oferta aceptada
      Experiencia positiva
      Entrevista difícil

      Me postulé a través de una recomendación de un empleado. Acudí a una entrevista en Google (Auburndale, FL) en abr 2014


      Direct onsite because I interviewed in the past and did well that time. From the time I sent my resume to interview day: 2 weeks. From interview day to offer over the phone: 2 weeks.

      The syllabus for the interviews is very clear and simple:
      1) Dynamic Programming
      2) Super recursion (permutation, combination,...2^n, m^n, n!...etc. type of program. (NP hard, NP programs)
      3) Probability related programs
      4) Graphs: BFS/DFS are usually enough
      5) All basic data structures from Arrays/Lists to circular queues, BSTs, Hash tables, B-Trees, and Red-Black trees, and all basic algorithms like sorting, binary search, median,...
      6) Problem solving ability at a level similar to TopCoder Division 1, 250 points. If you can consistently solve these, then you are almost sure to get in with 2-weeks brush up.
      7) Review all old interview questions in Glassdoor to get a feel. If you can solve 95% of them at home (including coding them up quickly and testing them out in a debugger + editor setup), you are in good shape.
      8) Practice coding--write often and write a lot. If you can think of a solution, you should be able to code it easily...without much thought.
      9) Very good to have for design interview: distributed systems knowledge and practical experience.
      10) Good understanding of basic discrete math, computer architecture, basic math.
      11) Coursera courses and assignments give a lot of what you need to know.
      12) Note that all the above except the first 2 are useful in "real life" programming too!

      Interview 1:
      Graph related question and super recursion

      Interview 2:
      Design discussion involving a distributed system with writes/reads going on at different sites in parallel.

      Interview 3:
      Array and Tree related questions

      Interview 4:
      Designing a simple class to do something. Not hard, but not easy either. You need to know basic data structures very well to consider different designs and trade-offs.

      Interview 5:
      Dynamic programming,
      Computer architecture and low level perf. enhancement question which requires knowledge of Trees, binary search, etc.

      At the end, I wasn't tired and rather enjoyed the discussions. I think the key was long term preparation and time spent doing topcoder for several years (on and off as I enjoy solving the problems).

      Conclusion: "It's not the best who win the race; it's the best prepared who win it."

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