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  • Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • De 1001 a 5000 empleados
  • 2009
  • Empresa - privada
  • Servicios de TI
  • De $50 a $100 millones (USD)

CompetenciaGlobant, Toptal, Belatrix
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We are the fastest growing Technology Solutions company in Latin America. Our applicant pool is the largest in the industry: over 1.2 million Software Engineers apply to work with us each year, and we hire only the Top 1% IT Talent, creating solid teams of 100% bilingual veteran ...
Misión: To become partners with our clients to achieve their business goals with cross-industry experience and technological excellence.

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Nacho De Marco
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"analista hr"

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es una empresa un poco vertical

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    In all of my 20 years this thee most bizarre and ridiculous waste of an interview I have ever encountered! If you are reading this and seeing the other reviews on this company especially for sales do yourself a favor and listen to the negative feedback your seeing before wasting your time interviewing with this company or possible scam operation that they have going on. First off you will not receive any kind of phone call when starting this interview process nor will you discuss anything whatsoever related to your sales background, experience, or successes. For the sales position you just applied for they do not care at all none whatsoever about your sales achievements, how well you close, or your ability to develop meaningful and influential relationships with your prospects. Everything you have done in sale has no relevance for this position. The first step is to slam a series of tech related tests down your throat! All the tests will take you about 4 hours to compete online and they are all timed tests. All of the subjects of these tests are Developer, Engineering, and Project management terms and questions. If you are not well experienced in these specific fields you will struggle with these tests as the terms are in depth questions related to these areas of expertise. You also see a lot of heavy math related and logic questions. Again nothing related to sales, none whatsoever. There will be a number of questions that are a paragraph long questions where you have to explain how you would handle the situation is detail and again everything is timed so you must respond very quickly you will not have time to research the questions you will need to know off the top of your head quickly. So again if you’re not well experienced as a Developer, Engineer, or Project Manager this will be a difficult exam and will take your 4 hours to complete. If you do not pass these tests with a high score beating out the other candidates you’re done and will not move to the next stage in the interview. So you will waste those 4 hours. What makes this company almost comical is the first e-mail before I started the exam said they reviewed my resume and experience and felt I was well qualified for the position based on my sales background. Then after I did not pass the tests which according to them the candidate they chose only slightly had a better score than me but has specific experience that was needed for the position as if I didn't have the specific experience they needed for the position. Even though their first e-mail stated that I was well qualified lol. I honestly believe this company is highly suspect and who knows maybe someone high up is wanting them to just submit a lot of candidates to look like they are putting in a lot of effort to bring in a certain amount of people knowing they will not hire most everyone. It is very strange to just bombard you with a series of tests completely unrelated to the position you just applied for. So something does not seem right? I will paste both e-mails the first one I received and then that last one saying I did not pass the tests so you will see how they operate. Again I would not waste my time unless you are well experienced in the areas I mentioned or you have a strong probability of not passing the tests. Another crazy part about all of this is I am currently earning six figures and I have no idea if they meet my income requirements since I never got the chance to talk to anyone over the phone, but from the limited salaries and reviews I see on Glassdoor they look to be rather low pay, yet they put you through a rigorous interview process as if they are paying you $500k a year lol. So here are the e-mails and hopefully you will not waste your time like I did with this shady operation!

    They were all Tech related questions

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4 mar 2021

With expertise and knowledge in the latest technologies, our engineering teams are ready to guarantee unmatched results and drive your project's success.


With expertise and knowledge in the latest technologies, our engineering teams are ready to guarantee unmatched results and drive your project's success...

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4 mar 2021

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We are looking for .NET Developers to join our team! • 5 years of experience in Web projects, C #, SQL Server. • Experience with HTML / CSS and Javascript frameworks. • Experience with MVC. • Advanced English level. If you are interested, please click here and apply: #NowHiring #Openings #JobVacancy

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  • Inc. 5000: The most successful companies in AmericaInc. 50002019
  • 2019: BairesDev was Selected Among Clutch’s Best B2B Technology Solution ProvidersClutch2019

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