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Columbus, OH (Estados Unidos)
Más de 10 000 empleados
Empresa - pública (ADS)
Publicidad y marketing
Más de $10 000 millones (ARS) por año


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    "Poorly managed company, constant layoffs, no 2020 strategy"

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    The pay I got was pretty good, I was treated well by my manager and senior management. The office building I worked in was great, I got to travel a lot and no one ever complained about my food/drink charges (I kept them reasonable).


    There are a LOT of cons right now. Let's recap.

    June 2019: Alliance Data CEO Heffernan is asked to leave by the board and called a "retirement". Top exec Melisa Miller becomes CEO.
    August 2019: Miller fires Pearson, the CEO of subsidiary LoyaltyOne. Talk going around is they want to sell it off like they did the other subsidiary Epsilon earlier.
    Nov 2019: The ADS board interviews Andretta for COO. They decide he will make a great CEO, so they push aside Miller and appoint Andretta as CEO. Miller is out.

    In a company like this where everyone is pushing everyone else out, how can one survive and build a long term career? ADS seems confused about what they want to do next. They seem to want to get rid of all their other businesses and just keep ADS Card Services, so the above moves are along those lines. This has caused a lot of uncertainty in LoyaltyOne and it's own subsidiaries and I got let go because of this along with a bunch of other people even though I was an important part of what we were doing. The only reason it makes logical sense to get rid of my role is that they want to sell the company in 2020 so don't want to spend money on a role that isn't going to make the company look good to a prospective buyer. The name may be LoyaltyOne but there is no loyalty anywhere to be found.

    The most appalling thing for me was the general work culture. People walk in at 10am, lazily and yawning and start packing up to leave at 3pm and are out by 3:30pm. How can things get done? No one takes deadlines seriously and developers always have a ready list of excuses to explain why they could not get their assigned tasks done. Doctor appointment, cat got sick, TTC late etc etc. I have never been able to get my developers meet their agreed upon dates. Senior management has an overly aggressive agenda and complains that we miss dates, so when I communicate this to my developers, they get offended and complain to their managers up their chain and I hear from my manager that I was targeting them and how they felt bad. A bunch of snowflakes who have a nice relaxed gig in place and want to keep it that way.

    Everyone seems to be more interested in poking their noses in other people's jobs and constantly giving out unsolicited advice and suggestions. If you don't take their suggestions, they get offended again. And people in the office actually sulk and make long faces when they are displeased. If it wasn't disrupting business, it would be hilarious. I was assigned to a person who does not do what I do and has never done that before. Instead of trusting me and my 10+ year experience, he would micromanage me on everything and give me detailed instructions on what to do. I knew some things would not lead to the right result, but he would not listen. At a point I decided it is better to just do what he said so as to avoid any friction. Everyone wants to be a leader with no responsibility for the results. Everything is done "by committee". If I make a recommendation to my boss on something that affects what I am responsible for, he would want to call a big meeting, spend an hour yakking about it, take everyone's opinion, then come up with a plan of action that made everyone happy. Is that the way to run a business? No wonder the company is failing.

    I am happy to be out of there and onto my next journey. There was no career path and for the last year I felt I was wasting away not doing anything impactful and that they were paying me a good amount of money but not using me.

    Recomendaciones para el equipo directivo

    It may be a Canadian thing to be nice and inoffensive all the time but if it hurts business, you have to put your foot down.
    Too many worthless execs playing politics and not contributing.
    Define roles clearly. Give more power to people if they are responsible for something.

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Foto de Alliance Data de Our Alliance Data card services business Rio Rancho, NM location was recently recognized as a Best Place to Work
Foto de Alliance Data de Associates planted 50 trees with Texas Trees Foundation for Plano Parks and Rec’s 50th Anniversary!
Foto de Alliance Data de Columbus, Ohio associates rode in Pelotonia to fight cancer
Foto de Alliance Data de Our Credit Processing Center and Collections teams volunteered at the San Antonio Food Bank, preparing 900 summer meals for children!
Foto de Alliance Data de Our Plano, TX office rolled up their sleeves to help spruce up a Childcare Group location
Foto de Alliance Data de We are proud to be named a FORTUNE Magazine 50 Best Workplaces for Diversity for the 2nd year in a row!
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    Lots of behavior questions. Keep it very professional. Make sure you are prepared and have questions to ask back. They like someone who shows an interest in the company do your research before you interview

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  • Excellence in Education Award, UNCF, 2013
  • Ed Heffernan and Charles Horn Ranked as Top Executives in America, Institutional Investor Magazine, 2012
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