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Sofrecom is a consulting and engineering firm specialising in telecommunications. Sofrecom contributes to the creation of a connected world that builds bonds, where employees, customers and stakeholders can interact in a secured environment. As a subsidiary of the Orange Group, Sofrecom advises, guides and supports the development and the digital transformation of the main telecommunications players (operators, governments and international institutions). We advise them in their strategic technology and development decisions. Sofrecom's experts provide Business, Network and IT consulting to improve a long-terme operational performance with innovative approach. Sofrecom is first and foremost an international company on a human scale whose main strength is its women and men. With moree than 34 nationalities, Sofrecom has acquired its strength and credibility at international level by capitalizing on the unique know-how of its employees. Beyond their perfect knowledge of the telecommunications business, all Sofrecom employees share the same passion: creating value for their customers in France and abroad.

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